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Group and Intensive Psychoanalysis

Published on luglio 15th, 2015 | by

The intensive psychoanalysis is a method of investigation of the human psychism of a Freudian derivation, which thus preserves all the rules of the classic psychoanalysis, use of free association, absence of face to face, neutral... Read More


Perinatal Medicine

The early mother-child interactions

Published on giugno 10th, 2014 | by

The psychobiological relationship between the mother and the fetus is the topic of the session that the Italian Institute of Micropsychoanalysis presented at the 24th European Congress of Perinatal Medicine.  1 It is inspired by the research... Read More


Il tempo e l'inconscio

Time and The Unconscious

Published on novembre 20th, 2012 | by

In the primary process of the unconscious, Time is not perceived. The notion of an absolute Time was unhinged in 1905 by A. Einstein through the formulation of the Theory of Relativity.... Read More


Il Mistero del Sogno

The Mystery of Dreams

Published on dicembre 6th, 2011 | by

(Abstract of the Talk held by the Author at the Free Association “Convivium” in Fiuggi, the 6th December 2011) During his existence, the human being passes more than 20 years sleeping and 4 years dreaming. This, if we intend as dreaming... Read More


Are We All Hybrids?

Published on settembre 16th, 2011 | by

In the visual arts, alongside the faithful representation of animals, people and scenes of everyday life, we find the production of surreal images, mostly hybrid anthropo-zoomorphic figures... Read More


Psicologia di Facebook

The Psychology of Facebook

Published on aprile 15th, 2009 | by

The social interaction on Facebook is characterized by highly idealized phenomenons of transference. The absence of other sensorial channels facilitates the condition for users to give ground to narcissism.... Read More


Psicoanalisi applicata

The perverse barbarization of Italy

Published on maggio 21st, 2007 | by

Anyone who regards speech and reality as his tools cannot avoid reaching conclusions: circumlocutions only make ideas lose strength and truth. I will simply expose what every honest Italian can see in front of his or her eyes every day... Read More



The Creationist Delusion

Published on settembre 30th, 2005 | by

Scientific knowledge is incompatible with the religious creed: only the conservation of the defence mechanisms such as isolation, negation, splitting and denial, can allow information which annul each other, to co-exist... Read More


Psychoanalysis: Brief Handbook

Published on maggio 18th, 2005 | by

The modern narcissistic fashion of 'Everything and Now', which evidently ignores the popular Italian motto 'He who tries too grab too much will end up with nothing', has deceived, legions of people who were looking for qualified help to mitigate their sufferance... Read More


The Exaltation of The Delinquent

Published on maggio 2nd, 2005 | by

Freud demonstrates how the feeling of guilt can be originated by two sources: from the fear that arouses the authority (firstly parental and then of the social order), and from the successive fear which arouses the Super-Ego.... Read More


Vizi capitali

The Seven Deadly Sins

Published on dicembre 21st, 2002 | by

Summary of the Speach “Omeopathy: Lesson on the seven capital sins” , Cervaro (Fr) dic 14th 2002. I Shall try to demonstrate that the so called “seven deadly sins” is an attempt to ritualize a fundamental... Read More


Rubrica Psichiatria


Published on febbraio 10th, 2002 | by

Weeping can also be a fairly effective manipulating tool as it is a regressive expressive modality... Read More


Il figliol prodigo

The Lost Son

Published on gennaio 24th, 2002 | by

Forgiveness is a form of denial and contemporaneously an unconscious admission of the existence, deep within each one of us, of the same homicidal pressures which we observe in those who act out: the difference is obviously constituted by the Ego integrity... Read More


Penguins and Children

Published on maggio 29th, 2001 | by

There is nothing more powerful than an infantile desire which has not been achieved: such a force to push an adult to sail the ocean to bring help to a brother of another species in difficulty in the gelid Antarctic sea... Read More



Hypochondria: a somatic paranoia

Published on gennaio 27th, 2001 | by

Hypochondria seems to be an unexplored galaxy in the psychoanalytic world: there isnt’ a definition in the psychoanalytic Dictionary by Laplanche and Pontalis and even S. Freud had mentioned hypochondria only in his work “ Introduction... Read More


Rubrica Psicoanalisi

Dream and Telepathy

Published on novembre 18th, 2000 | by

The present work constituted an official report in the interdisciplinary Conference “Sogno & psicopatologia” (Dream & psychopathology) which took place in Capo d’Orlando the 17th and the 18th November, 2000.  Already published in Sogno e telepatia,... Read More

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