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June 6th, 2014


17.30-19.00 – Hall Medici

Parallel Session TBD –The psychobiological mother-fetus relationship

Chairperson: L. Baldari, Italy


17.30-17.50           The early mother-child interactions

Speaker: L. Baldari, Italy

17.50-18.10            Loneliness and pregnancy: psychobiological implications

Speakers: B. Marzi, Italy – H. Honemayer, UAE

18.10-18.30           Fetal movements  as a pattern of mental development:

the birth of personality

Speaker: A. Rocchitelli, Italy

18.30-18.50           Fetal life and psychosomatic disorders during adulthood

Speaker: D. Lysek, Switzerland

18.50-19.00           Discussion

Discussant: B. Marzi, Italy